For Real Estate Agents

Help Client See Potential

Helping real estate agents sell houses with design

Sometimes a client may love a house except for one small aspect.  And that small aspect has their decision stalled.  We meet with real estate agents to develop an array of possible solutions for their clients’ concerns.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  We then provide quick sketches for an addition to a house, for the reconfiguration of the interior, or floor plan options for new lots and teardowns – at a minimal rate.

Marketing Materials

Marketing Floor Plan for house

We offer all kinds of assistance for your marketing material.  We provide floor plans, elevations, site plans, 3D drawings and renderings, and also assist with graphic design.  We can make the features of your listing easier to sell.


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Zoning Code Research

Site Feasibility Study

The potential of some properties, especially larger ones, can best be explained with graphic drawings showing different ways the property can be used.  By analyzing zoning and building codes, we can give life to a property.

With single-family properties we are able to determine set-backs for garages, studios and additions to help clients understand the property’s potential.